Welcome to Ed McGuirk Nature Photography, and thank you for stopping by to view my images. My goal as a photographer is to tell nature stories that allow the viewer to experience some of the special moments that I have witnessed in the natural world. My images are a visual celebration of the wilderness locations that I have visited. Nature and landscape photography has been a very rewarding experience for me. I especially like that it requires a combination of artistic, creative, and technical skills. But most importantly, it has allowed me to enjoy both solitude and relaxation while connecting with the natural world on a deeper level.

My work emphasizes the scenic beauty of New England's wilderness landscapes. I have shot extensively in the national parks in the western part of the United States and Canada, which are more traditional locations for landscape photography. However I find myself continually draw back to the New England landscape, with it's diversity of environments, from forests to mountains to the seacoast.

Many people associate New England photography with the brilliant color of fall foliage. But New England has four distinct seasons, each with its own special character and appeal. From the subtle colors of emerging spring foliage, to the drama of winter storms along the seacoast, each season in New England offers it’s own exciting opportunities to experience the beauty of the natural world.

Many of my images rely on dramatic lighting and weather to capture the ever changing moods of New England's seasons. Weather, light and tides are all dynamic elements that constantly change the character of a place. Thus I will visit the same locations over and over again, hoping for different conditions. In addition to photographing the grand landscapes of New England, I also enjoy creating images of more intimate landscapes. These images emphasize details, patterns, and abstracts, and offer a more expressive and personal view of nature. My ability to slow down, observe details, and connect with nature has led to creating more unique and meaningful images.

So please join me on a photographic journey to the mountains, forests, and seacoast of New England.

Winter Crescendo
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